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Stepping Up your Success Game

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Stepping up your Game Photo: Creative Commons

What kind of success do you bring to each day?

Sometimes, having a winning attitude means going that extra inch to change your daily regimen into one of optimum success. This not only affects your energy on the job, but it can affect your workplace and others, as well.

The story about my friendly mail postal delivery lady

This morning, I ran into my regular mail postal delivery lady. She wore white plumeria in her hair and a bright and radiant grin.

Immediately, I complimented her on how beautiful she looked with the flower in her hair. It made her look personable, feminine and calming to my groggy morning.

Joyfully, he responded, ” Well, I figured you can’t be a grouch if you’ve got a flower in your hair!”

Small changes in your clothes and attitude make a big difference

What a wonderful attitude she had started her day with.

The flower was a nice touch to her daily uniform, which usually looks so masculine and prim.

A  flower isn’t something you’d normally expect from your stereotypical government postal delivery person. But she decided to step up her daily attitude and presentation. She added an extra touch that didn’t detract from her professionalism. In fact, that small choice to tweak her daily wardrobe enhanced her professional quality and it reminded me that women can be carriers without surrendering their female disposition.

She stepped up her success game.

Success and positivity is contagious and leaves an impression

After she left, I thought about it the positive spirit she had just uplifted me with.  She was like a shot of caffeine to wake me up from my day.

Moreover, the flower gave her a friendly disposition and her enthusiasm towards starting it right, made me imagine how much mail carriers must love their job and carry that warm spirit of Aloha, which in Hawaii, is a much-loved and admired trademark of good service. Whether or not mail carriers actually love their work, I don’t know, but seeing her, you’d think they do.

What one thing can you do to step up your game on your daily regimen?


2 thoughts on “Stepping Up your Success Game

  1. Pretty funny, I just finished leaving a comment somewhere else saying, Excitement and passion is contagious! Similar to what you said.

    Have you heard of cold shower therapy? I started taking cold showers everyday for the past two weeks and it’s a kick in the ass every morning. haha I mean as cold as you can go, ice cold. It has a lot of health benefits aside from it just sounding like a stupid idea. Afterward though, it makes you feel like you can tackle anything!

    • @Pablo: Apologies, I just got to reply now… Cold water therapy? ha ha.. It sounds invigorating start to the day. Definitely an eye opener! I think I read something about it having health benefits before too!

      I used to go to Korean bathhouses when I was living in Korea and many of them have an ice bath, so you hit that after you’ve soaked in some hot herbal bathwater and yow! Definitely a good charge to your day.

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