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Creating a Powerful Intention: “Today I Create… Success”

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Today I Create….

“Today I Create…”

It’s a very powerful mantra to use.  Just the thought alone creates a bridge between your dream and intention.

Success is born from one power…

What separates dreamers from successful doers.


What makes any mantra or thought pattern powerful and successful is the intent to actually manifest it.

Thinking it or meditating on it – dreaming it- is only a third of the battle and climb. A dream can’t build itself.

You don’t know how many people I meet who have brilliant and bold dreams but no follow through. By speaking it, they think they’ve actually created it. But in essence, all they’ve done was given their energy to the power of air and empty words.

Don’t do that.

I’d prefer you hold your dreams in as secrets until you’ve set up ways to execute it than to execute it through your breath and let it die.

Having a dream isn’t enough… you need to engineer it.

This reminds me of when I was in growing up in Hawaii as an artist.  Many artists, myself included had big dreams and bold ones too. But we thought this was all that mattered and that all the stonework and masonry would magically fall into play if our passion was strong enough.

Passion alone will not get you there.

How can dreams  manifesting themselves on their own? Better yet, how can others believe and support them if they aren’t grounded in reality?

When I moved to the rat race of New York City, where the entire city is working on a 24/7 treadmill and survival was mandatory, I learned quickly. You can’t just be an architect of a dream, but you also have to be an engineer and scientist. You have to work with a more powerful intention to find practical solutions to ground those dreams .

“Today I Create… Success”

How to Create a Successful Mantra each day

It’ll take all but half a minute of your time.

  • Create an intention.

    Of the target “Today I create…____”, what is the “_____” you wish to create?  In this example, let’s use “Success”.

  • Create the target result feeling.

    This will be your radar that will hone you into that situational target and into situations and thought patterns, which will help you create your intention.  For instance, if “success “is something you want to create, then how does it feel? You need to know what it feels like to know it when you find it.

  • Rate the result you’d like the targeted feeling to have.

    Give it a number on a scale of 1-10. Generate that feeling at the level you gave it, inside you.  If you give yourself a 10 but only raise enough awareness for a “1”, then the “1” will win out.

  • State to yourself: “Today I create…  ______” .

    As you say this statement, bridge the thought and feeling together.  To do this, when you hit your “______” of that sentence,  link that word to the level of targeted feeling that’s your goal

  •  Thank yourself for having received it and then let the idea go.

    This is where the proactive homework part comes into play…

  • Find situations where you can create levels of that success throughout the day.

    This could be one situation or many.

  • Recognize it.

    After you’ve created those smaller moments of success, stop yourself and recognize it and feel proud of yourself for having  created it.

  • Thank yourself for having created it.


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